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Knowledge and wisdom are the biggest blessings of Allah Almighty. These qualities distinguish between the human beings and the animals. The offices of art and culture, poetry, scientific inventions, astrology, conquest of space, power of pen and courage of expression, all depend on the knowledge and wisdom. A man of intellect can easily pull the people out of all crises but this capability becomes paralysed when the person with extra-ordinary intellect gives preference to personal gains and interest on the service he is supposed to render to the masses. He commits blunders leaving the nation into fix. In this connection a poet has very well said: (Translation)

“Folly is better than an off course wisdom, silliness is better than an immature wisdom, madness is better than a distorted insight, and hatred is better than a false love.”

Today Iraqis have proved their unbelievable steadfastness, courage, unity, and historic loyalty and faith with the nation, beyond the apprehension of world powers and intellectuals. They are fighting the ten-time bigger power with courage, which has driven the world brains mad. Their stupidity and nonsense behaviour are well exposed on the world media through their funny comments and analysis. It seems as they are suffering from hysteria and ‘Iraqofobia’. They had never imagined that the hungry, unarmed and devastated nation with totally collapsed economy, having rusty and decayed weapons in their hands, would stand before them like an iron shield to defend their motherland. The ferocious wolf of the human history who is out to crumple the Muslims and Islamic culture, had given an impression in the beginning of the war that Saddam Hussain was their agent and this war would be preplanned.

They would drop a couple of bombs in the Iraqi deserts and later Saddam along with his entire family would be safely shifted to a safer country in the guise of exile and the control of Iraq would go into the hands of super power without any bloodshed. Later they started giving another picture to the world saying that Saddam is a dictator and he is the cruelest leader. His own people are fad-up of him and waiting for a rescuer. George Bush and Tony Blair have been given an opportunity to play a role of rescuers for the Iraqi people. And now they are bent upon fulfilling the long-awaited desire of the Iraqi people in getting them rid of a cruel leader. They were of the opinion that when the white men would invade Iraq the oppressed Iraqi people would extend them a warm welcome, shower rose petals on them and they would become the heroes for the downtrodden Iraqis.

But, when instead of being garlanded, they were welcomed by gunshots, missile attacks and abuses and curses, when their bodies were kicked with high hatred, then the intellectuals of the super power recalled and tried to tell the Iraqi people that Saddam is a man of secular thinking. He has relations with India, he wears western style pant and shirt instead of Arab dress, he smokes, thus, he has all qualities that every Westerner or European has. This proves that the world superiors are making an attempt to convey a message to the Iraqi people and other Muslims around the world that the person who has all qualities and habits that of the Westerners but the `Ulama and Muslims of the world are supporting him. On one hand these intellectuals are alleging that Saddam is a dictator with Westernized thinking while on the other they are trying to present Bush as the rescuer for the Muslims of Iraq who is making efforts to cultivate democracy, peace, brotherhood, equality, and education in the Iraqi deserts.

A renowned columnist of the country who spent his life in the worship of rising sun and who always praised the ruling class from the time of Zulfiqar `Ali Bhutto to General Pervez Musharraf. In the case of Mian Nawaz Sharif he had said in his columns, “Muhammad `Ali Jinnah has taken second birth in the shape of Nawaz Sharif. He is the reality of Allama Iqbal’s dream, existence of the country is because of Nawaz Sharif, he is the source of light in the moon and stars, he is the source of fragrance of flowers.”
As soon as Nawaz Sharif met his fate and his government was thrown out, he changed the his direction of worship, his columns had a somersault and he proved Pervez Musharraf the man of extra-ordinary intellect. Commenting over the reasons of American aggression he said, “The diplomatic and political ways, the United States has adopted in its achievement of most precious and fearless power and energy have been fanning extremism against America.

The policy of non-rapprochement that Israel has adopted against Palestinians has been promoting an environment in which suicide contingents are emerging. A remedy to this situation has been evolved by the Americans under which it has chalked out a programme to used power in order to hit one target with just one shot. Firstly it planned that the system of compulsion in the oil producing countries should be brought to an end and the income through oil, which the rulers have been spending on their unnecessary luxuries should be spend on promotion of education and employment projects. Moreover, the policies of aggression and oppression that Israel has adopted in the region should be provided a political protection, viz, Palestinians should be given a small piece of land under the control of Israel to suppress all sorts of resistance which is being offered by the Palestinians.”

The Americans and the world media claim that Americans are in the sizzling deserts of Gulf, not to achieve personal gains but to get the oppressed Arabs rid of the existing system which, according to them, is denying them their due rights. Also to restore peace in the region by bringing the deadlock between Palestine and Israel to an end through democratic process. If this is the objective of the super power then what is the reason behind heavy and fierce bombing of the civilian populations, killing innocent men, women, children and elderly people and also bombing the holy land where prophets lived and buried. Is it all because of providing peace, job opportunities, better education and independence to the Iraqi people?

Another columnist writes in his way: “American marines who are waging war against Saddam forces are offering sacrifices of their lives. They are neither fighting for the dictatorship nor for the Iraqi oil or against any particular religion. They are not even bent upon bringing any Muslim country under their undue pressure. But, they are rendering sacrifices for the sake of peace and love. Love is independence and existence of any independent nation depends on peace and love. After the cannons will stop producing fire, it would be the duty of our rulers and political leaders to struggle for the cause the Americans are here for, and revive the history and traditions of the humanity.”
What are these traditions that American forces are present in the region? These facts, however, prove American brutality right from the World War era to the Gulf War-II during which American troops carried out massive massacre of innocent human being on which the so called intellectuals are proud of. These powers have chained the world politics, economy and prosperity. The biggest dictators of the world are now out to teach a lesson of peace and love to the Arab rulers and people.

These world intellectuals are under a wrong impression that Muslims or world `Ulama consider Saddam a religious leader or non-controversial personality. The realty is that in the comity of coward rulers of Muslim world, he is the only person and courageous man who has challenged the allied beasts. Under these circumstance we are of the opinion which has been seconded by Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari in his words, saying: “I am ready to drive the herd of those pigs who can destroy the British and American systems. I want nothing else but the eviction of Western troops from the region.”

Whatever these intellectuals of the West are saying, the oppresses and wounded Muslims are still keenly waiting for a leader who could get them rid of the world terrorist. They are looking forward for a person who could become the source of eviction of Western forces from the Muslim lands. Each and every Muslim around the world is desirous that the Custodians of the Holy places (Haramain Sharifain) should rise against the atheists. If the first voice is raised from the Holy Land the entire Muslim world would be with them and the world would echo with slogans ‘Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad’. But alas! None of them who claim to be the custodians of Islam has come forward to protect the religion and to help the suffering Muslims around the world. They only can perform duty of providing water and other facilities to the Hujjaj Karam who reach the Holy Land to perform the biggest duty of Islam. Under this situation, from anywhere in the world, if a Muslim rises against the Kuffar, the world Muslims support him. The support to Iraqi people is not in the support of Saddam but this it against the aggression of Zionists and Western powers and world terrorists. This awareness and support of world Muslims would not go waste this time. The days of Zionists and world terrorists are numbered. Sooner or later their bodies would become the feast of vultures. This is the apprehension of the world. If the intellectuals who are portraying a wrong picture of the present situation would soon come to know that they are making blunders and a time will come when there will be no remedy to their problem.

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