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A secluded person can only imagine the noise of praise and congratulations at the houses of victorious members of national and provincial assemblies. Huge and fragrant garlands, costly gifts and expensive high-quality sweets besides high praises, love, affection and assurance of all-out cooperation from various quarters, is the post-election scenario. This has been happening for decades. Some unscrupulous people consider rule and power as their god whom they worship. They have no concern with the office-bearer, rather, they love the office and seat. With the change of person in authority, they change their loyalty. They really worship the rising sun and never look at the sun setting in.

You must have heard the name of Ahmad Dawood. He was the person on whose recommendations and orders Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (radhiallahu `anhu) was subjected to severe torture. He witnessed the reign of three kings one after the other. All three kings enjoyed extraordinary rise and their courts were always seen full of courtiers. There were a number of courtiers who never got tired of calling these kings with the highest ranks ‘Your Highness’. The kings used to think what these flattering courtier would do the kingdom comes to an end or they die. How would they live after them. But Ahmad Dawood used to say that the death of all these three kings was a lesson and admonition for the people. How other people could get the lesson from their death while Ahmad Dawood himself did not learn any lesson. Like other courtiers he also used to sing the praises of kings. Ahmad Dawood said he saw the dead body of Khalifa Al Mamoon. After a few years he saw the dead body of Al Motasam. And after another few years he saw Al Wasiq dead. On the death of each Caliph, he said, he saw extraordinary activities at their palaces. Forgetting the dead ruler, everybody was seen looking at the successor.

Besides general public, our newspapers are also following such a course as they criticise those who leave the power lobby and praise those who are coming into power. Those who are leaving the power slot are seen with high suspicion and their personality is considered full of corruption while those who are coming into power are paid due respect and considered the most pious people on the earth. Those who are being declared ill-mannered and uneducated today, may appear on the screen of power tomorrow and then they may be considered highly qualified, intelligent and well-mannered people.

It is said that when the Britishers defeated renowned victorious General, Napoleon Bonaparte and later imprisoned him in an island, the pro-French king newspapers carried news reports against him and expressed joy. Later when Napoleon escaped from the captivity and re-organised a big military and attacked France to recapture it, the newspapers published lead stories stating that a wild beast had escaped from jail. When Napoleon reached near the borders of France then newspapers wrote that the killer was heading towards France. When he crossed the border and entered France then newspapers published news items that Napoleon is in France now. And in the end when Napoleon reached near Paris, the newspapers published news reports stating that His Highness the King of France is honouring Paris with his arrival. The summersaults that French journalists took, we have been witnessing since long ago in our country’s capital, Islamabad. We know a number of columnists who used to term Mian Nawaz Sharif a symbol of courage and a kind-hearted man. They wrote about Nawaz Sharif the king of politics and an insightful ruler. When Mian Sahib was deposed, the same columnists wrote that Nawaz Sharif was a coward, flatterer and shortsighted person.

In the recent past. the minister of religious affairs has put his best efforts to prove General Musharraf as Ameer-ul-Mu'mineen. On some occasions he challenged the country's `Ulama to have an open debate on the matter. The `Ulama-e-Keram showed their wisdom and did not react adversely.

After the Election 2002, various political parties and groups are busy manoeuvring to get into the power lobby. Those who were at each other's throats until yesterday are now putting efforts to clarify their past position by saying that whatever was their criticism in the past was just a joke and their abusive talk was just a fun. In the present scenario the traditional opportunists are in great confusion as they are unable how to prove their loyalty with the victorious enemies. Those living in the liberal environment are highly confused. They are unable to digest the victory of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA). A few of them are terming MMA’s victory as the outcome of agencies’ support. Many of them are purturbed by the thought that the ruler would be in the hands of those people wearing national dress, having long beards and having a turban on their heads. They will prefer to speak the national language to speaking the language of non-Muslims. They would have plain drinking water at their dinning table instead of liquor.

Westernised people are thinking that the rule will be in the hands of those who would prefer taking a foreign country tour only to Saudi Arabia and not to London and America.
Pro-West people are confused for their children would be admitted to the Madrasah or religious school instead of a convent. The religious men would be answerable to Almighty Allah only and not to George Bush or Tony Blair. People are wondering what will happen to the Film Industry. People who think their personality incomplete if they don’t wear T-Shirt or three-piece suit, what will happen if pure Pakistani leadership takes over. What will happen if women folk will not be seen in bazaars, parks and other public places? What will happen to the economy of the country if true religious people will come into power? What will happen if every man will be compelled to have beard and wear national dress?

This imagination sends a wave of thrill to the masses who are heavily under the influence of West. At this stage our columnists are artfully painting the grim picture of that unseen scenario. Under the prevailing circumstance, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal will have to be extra cautious. They should not make tall claims that become difficult to prove and they should not make promises that are too difficult to keep.

People are expecting that these assembly members would promote education, do away with the open society system and eject the foreign forces out of the country. People have given them vote to express their strongest hatred against America and its policies. It is feared that they might forget their motto and slogan amid the noise of praises. If this happened then the trust that people have reposed in these assembly members would be damaged and it would take another 56 years to restore it.

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